It is a WordPress plugin that displays a pay by Skrill button on your WordPress page or post. Skrill was previously known as It integrates skrill with wordpress in a simple way. It uses shortcode API and stores common information in settings. You can create as many buttons on your site as you like. Here is the shortcode

Skrill wordpress plugin shortcode

It has the following parameters

amount The total amount that you need to charge from customer. It includes shipping etc
label This is a short label for the item like book, cd etc. See Skrill documentation for details
description This is description of the item being sold.

You can also control the appearance of button by using css. Div class is “skrill” that you need to define

When you install and activate plugin, It shows a menu “Skrill” in left wp-admin bar. It also shows “Options” sub-menu. You can set your skill account, select language and currency here.

It is being offered as open source software for free under GPL v2 or above. You can download it from

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