A Certificate Course in WordPress Programming is being organized at our office and LIVE via e learning technologies at the same time.  Please contact for registration.

Minimum Qualification: BS
Duration: 6 weeks (Monday to Thursday 10 am to 12 noon)
Starts: 5th Nov 2014
Medium: Class room training, Lecture videos, Notes
Fee: Free (no charges)
How to apply: http://agilesolutionspk.com/jobs

This course is available ONLY as distance learning program for female candidates.

Message from Instructor


Live Broadcast (Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 12 noon GMT+5)

Course Contents

Git URL   https://bitbucket.org/agilesolutionspk/introduction-to-wordpress-programming

Lesson 1 Overview of course and Development Environment

Assignment 1 View Assignment Details

Lesson 2  Create you First WordPress Plugin

Assignment 2  View Details

Lesson 3 WordPress Shortcode Programming

Assignment 3 Create Shortocode to show HTML form

Lesson 4 Create Custom Table in WordPress Database

Assignment 4 Create Custom Table in WordPress

Lesson 5 Use of jsfiddle.net and Online PHP Tools

Assignment 5  Create a fiddle and Send link to git

Lesson 6 Use of jQuery in Wordpess

Assignment 6 Create a plugin to insert Student Data into Custom Table

Lesson 7 Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

Assignment 7 Demonstrate use of custom post type

Lesson 8  getting posts using get_posts command

Assignment 8 get_posts practice and use

Lesson 9 Query_Posts and How to debug Code

Assignment 9 Code Debugging Practice

Lesson 10 Use of Browser based Developer Tools

Lesson 11 Custom Post Type Template

Lesson 12 Custom Page Template

Lesson 13 Template Hierarchy and Conditional Tags

Lesson 14 Child Theme, Sidebars and Post Templates

Lesson 15 WordPress Widgets Programming