Alps is the largest and the highest mountain system of Europe. It passes through 8 countries including France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein (LIS Tinch Tine), Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. Its length is 1200 kilometers and height is 4810 meters. Its highest point is known as Mont blanc. Wingsuit jumpers use the mountains of Alps for flying.

You can fly with Swiss International Air Lines or Air France and several other airlines to reach Alps by air. You can book your holiday accommodation online through 

There are many dams in the range of Alps. Among them Grande Dixence and vajont Dam are the most famous. 

There is a cable car on the Italian side of Alps. Its highest point is 3466 meters above sea level. Wingsuit jumpers use it as a base for jumping. Wingsuit can be bought online through Volcanic activity can also be seen at the Italian side of Alps. 

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