Prague is located in Europe. It is the capital of Czech Republic. Prague is also known as the city of hundred spires. It shares its West border with Germany and east border with Slovakia. It also shares its North and South borders with Poland and Austria respectively.

Prague’s beauty attracts many tourists around the globe. The best season to travel to Prague is mid-April to May and you can also visit there during September to mid-October. There are different ways to travel to Prague, the most common are by train and by air. The popular rail services that can take you to Prague are Eurail and Rail Europe. Likewise, there are several airlines that take flights to Prague one of them is Czech Airlines. Once you reach at the Václav Havel Airport, Prague, it would take you 30 mins to reach the center city if you take a bus as it is 20 kilo-meters away from the airport. The airport contains all the latest facilities and there are duty free shops available as well.

Prague contains a network of Metro train that travels underground within the city. You can also see the glimpse of it and Prague’s central train station called Praha hlavní nádraží in the video given below. The famous underground metro train is built 60 meters below the ground level. There are escalators going downwards to take you 60 meters deep down to its station.

River Vltava passes from within the city dividing it into two parts. It is the longest river within Czech Republic that runs southeast along the Bohemian Forest and north across Bohemia. It also passes through Český Krumlov and České Budějovice, and finally merges with the Elbe at Mělník. You can find all sorts of tourists boats, from small boats to large cruise ships floating on river Vltava. There are several bridges passing over the river connecting the two ends.

Charles bridge is another famous spot in Prague. People hang locks on the bridge grills and through the key in the river; these locks are also known as love locks. Charles bridge is one busy place, Musicians, and other talented people show their talent, and entertain tourists and locals on the bridge. You can also find Charles Bridge Palace and other famous hotels like MOODs Charles Bridge Hotel near Charles bridge.

Prague Castle is another major tourist spot. It was built in the 9th century. Prague castle is also the official office of Czech Republic President. It is the largest coherent castle according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It has an area of almost 70,000 meters square. Prague Castle is also known to be the seat of power for the kings of Bohemia.

Trdelník is one of the famous foods of Prague. It has a sweet taste and is usually served warm or topped with fruits or cream. You can easily find it on stalls, malls, and everywhere in streets even. It is made by wrapping a dough over a metal stick, coated with sugar and cinnamon, and heating it.

Last but not the least comes the world’s famous Astronomical Clock of Prague. It is located in Old Town Hill and its construction was completed in 1410 AD. Prague’s Astronomical Clock is the third oldest astronomical clock; it is the oldest clock that is operating till date. People from all over the world come to see this historical clock.

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