In this article, I would tell you about the adventure of CN Tower, Toronto, known as Edge Walk. All the participants walk around the CN Tower which has the diameter of  66.6m (218.4 ft.) and it is 356m/1168ft (116 storeys) above the ground. This free walk takes place on a 5 ft- (1.5 m-) wide ledge encircling the top of the Tower’s main pod. A group of six participants walk around the tower. They are attached to an overhead safety rail by a trolley and harness system. It is a 30 minute walk. A trainer guides them along and they perform some challenging activities along the way.

In the following video, we’ll see the six participants performing activities while walking around the tower. All the participants enter in line and perform activities one by one and then all together in the end, as guided by the instructor. I’ll describe all the activities one by one. 

The first activity is “Toes Over Toronto”. In this activity, all the participants walk over till the edge, stand there free hand and wave. It might not look like a big deal to you but being there at such height and standing at the edge is a feeling that can only be experienced by the one standing there at that moment. I think it is challenging, you might feel that way too if you imagine yourself standing there. 

The next activity is “Lean Back”. Participants performed the first activity while facing towards the world but in this activity, they face the tower and lean back over the edge. That’s not easy so one has to be very careful while performing this, and all other tasks of course, but this one requires special care as one can hurt himself badly if he doesn’t follow the instructions. In this activity, the instructor instructs them to sit, keeping their feet flat in front of them, as if sitting in a chair and let the rope take all their weight. Then they are asked to back walk slowly towards the edge with just their heels over the edge, and then lift up their toes, straighten their legs and lean their shoulders back. The participants are instructed to keep their legs straight and not bend the knees. Now they can leave the rope, free their hands, and wave.

Next is “Lean Forward”. This one is similar to the previous one but this time they are going to face the world not the tower. In this activity, the instructor instructs not to walk till the edge, just one step back from the edge. The participants are instructed to push the rope by stretching the arms straight, then place the shoulder on rope and lean forward putting all their weight on the rope. They are instructed to make sure to keep their body straight. They can now wave and do titanic. This marks the end of this walk. 

People from all over the world participate in it. They have to first register at the CN Tower’s website, the fee right now is worth 200 CAD. The ticket includes a keepsake video, photos and a certificate of achievement. After the Edge Walk, participants receive an experience ticket that is valid up to 2 days following the walk that includes access to the LookOut, SkyPodlevels and GlassFloor. The ticket is for one time use. The Edge walk is seasonal and takes place in all weathers except for the high winds, electrical storms and other extreme weather conditions. 

Toronto Part 2 – CN Tower Adventure